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31 Main Street Apartments

Main Street Apartment and Retail Conversion: This project converted existing third and fourth floor office space located in a Main Street commercial block into rentable apartments. It also converted first and second floor office space into a retail shop. The project was located in Bangor, Maine.

Program features included the conversion of an existing first and second floor office space into retail space, and the creation of identical two-bedroom apartments on the third and fourth floors of the building.

The project was notable for several reasons:

  • The project was located in an historic district and was subject to historic review.
  • The change of use on the upper floors of the building, combined with selected internal layout in the apartments, meant that the building required the installation of a sprinkler system and updated alarm system.
  • The first floor of the building includes a retail area and owner’s office space. The second floor of the building contains a small rental event space and additional office space.
  • The apartments each include two bedrooms, living room areas, kitchen areas, full bathrooms, laundry and storage rooms.

The total Construction Cost for the project was approximately $350,000, and was constructed by a pre-selected contractor who was part of the design team.