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Historic Maine Residence

A New Garage for a Historic Residence: This project contemplated a new garage and workshop for a historically significant residence in Bangor, Maine.

Program features included parking space for two full-sized automobiles, an upper floor workshop area, and access to the garage from both the street and the rear yard of the property. The design had to be compatible and supportive of the historic Second Era architectural style of the building.

The project was notable for several reasons:

  • The project was designated as a historic landmark by the Bangor Historic Preservation Ordinance and was subject to historic review.
  • Although the project was to build only the garage, the entire building needed to be represented for presentation to the Bangor Historic Preservation Commission (BHPC).
  • While the garage had to have a historic appearance matching that of the residence, it was constructed using modern techniques, including a high R-value envelope, insulated garage doors, and double-glazed, low-E windows.
  • The project received BHPC approval and will be constructed soon.

The total Construction Cost for the project was projected to be $100,000, constructed by a pre-selected contractor who was part of the design team.