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Ellsworth Public Library

Library Masterplan: This project provided concept level fundraising documentation for the Ellsworth Public Library. The project contemplated tripling the size of the library on a small site. It involved the preservation of the existing historic library building as well as the construction of a large addition.

Program features included the construction of a new, usable basement space under the existing historic library, the creation of a new entrance experience that addressed both the Ellsworth downtown and the library parking lot, expanded book storage and reading areas, new meeting and conference spaces, a new children’s library a new teen center, better configuration and distribution of staff space, an expanded genealogy center, expanded public computer clusters, book sale space and improved administration and technical services space. The project also planned for mechanical, electrical, and other systems improvements to improve the operating efficiency of the building.

The project was notable for several reasons:

  • The project was located in a historic district and was subject to a historic review.
  • The building was located on a very small site, adjacent to a river. Careful analysis of the site was needed to select the best way to expand the facility on the limited land available.
  • The library needed to be in operation during the entire construction process.
  • The historic wing of the facility was located on its original foundations, which had a dirt floor and admitted water and humidity into the building. The wing needed to be moved while new foundations were constructed for it and then replaced in its original location.
  • The building needed an improved entrance experience that made access to the library easier for patrons and that also improved staff oversight of the facility.
  • Community perception of the design was an important consideration. The building had to integrate well with its historic context.
  • Fundraising documents were used in the development of a capital campaign and request for city funding.

The projected Construction Cost for the project was $5,000,000 and was expected to be delivered under a traditional design-bid-build contract.

Carter Architectural Design staff led, managed, and designed this project in partnership with WBRC Architects/Engineers.